My first entry at RNF

Hello there!

I’ve officially joined the blogging world! It’s kinda surreal to own a .com! Yes, I sound like a grandma that never blogged in her life. I’ve blogged in the past but definitely nothing as professional as this. A little something about myself. I was working in strategic planning for the past decade and finally decided on a career change. I got back to school and received my diploma in Laser Aesthetics in London. It’s all very new, exciting and nerve-wrecking for me. I settled with RestingNiceFace as a spin from RestingBitchFace, and I do sorta have a (borderline) resting nice face so I thought this would be a good fit. In my free time I love discovering new skin care products, workout routines, ¬†juicing recipes, holistic beauty regimes and trying out the latest anti-aging treatment.

Stay tuned!

Big Love,

Nu Signature

Ms. RestingNiceFace



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