7 Benefits of Facial Acupuncture: Would You Try it?

I’ve had acupuncture before, even the really scary ones – the traditional Chinese method of puncturing your skin with thick needles and drawing out blood clots (yup those), but not facial acupuncture. It came up one day during a Whatsapp group chat between me, my siblings and our dad. He sent us a picture of him having facial acupuncture. He had (what looks like) 100 needles pierced into his face, uncannily resembling Hellraiser. I think it was his little “show off” moment, knowing that my sisters and I would be scared shitless. Well not many people know this but dad has just turned 60 and he (despite being his daughter can attest to this objectively) looks amazing for his age. He swears by facial acupuncture, he says it helps him retain his youthful appearance (apart from his daily workout and clean living). He does this about once every two weeks.

I for one am known to “test out” the latest, the craziest skin rejuvenating treatments and have even flown all the way to Seoul to get a Vampire Facial (PRP platelet-rich plasma) done before it hit it big in Hollywood, so it’s no surprise when I got in touch with an acupuncturist in London to have this done. The day of my appointment was the day my facial eczema decided to flare up. I was red, itchy, dry and very self-conscious when my acupuncturist Jacina took “before” pictures of me. She then went through a series of questions and studied my skin prior to beginning the treatment. The entire treatment was bearable (almost relatively painless) except for 10-20 points, these “pain points” are (according to Jacina) problem areas. I have a low pain tolerance and it did not help that my period was just around the corner. I continued to calmly breathe, inhaling and exhaling every time she placed a needle into my skin. The whole treatment took about 90 minutes (which is common for first timers), the following treatments would only take about 60 minutes. I guess it normally takes longer for first timers because of consultation and it takes time to “unblock” problematic areas.

After the procedure my face was still red and was advised that it may take a day to really see a difference. I didn’t think much about it as it would be a miracle to soothe my angry eczema. My eczema has been rather incorporative the past few months. I’ve had it as a child up until my teens but thought it had disappeared but it came back again in my 30s! I went on with my day, had dinner, showered and went to bed. I woke up next morning wondering, ” how is my face today?” I went to the bathroom, turned on the lights and to my amazement I could see that my eczema has settled quite a fair bit. I couldn’t help but smile about it. Finally I don’t have to be in hiding anymore! I was over the moon! I can’t believe that it had help soothe my eczema. My skin was moody no more! So considering the fact that it was still considerably bearable and I had a good deal on my treatment, I decided to make another appointment with Jacina for the next week. I think it also helps that I cut down sugar, spicy foods, dairy and junk food. These are the culprits that actually cause skin inflammation. So whether if you have cystic acne, psoriasis, eczema or urticaria, it’s always important to watch your diet.

Here are The 7 Benefits of Facial Acupuncture:

  1. Increase blood circulation – I noticed that my hands and feet don’t get cold as easily anymore after having done the treatment about 3-4 times
  2. Aids lymphatic drainage – great at getting rid of toxins (great for skin inflammation)
  3.  Make your pores appear smaller
  4. Reduce eye puffiness
  5. Plumps up the skin – to some extend stimulate collagen production
  6. Lifts sagging skin/ eyelids/ double chins
  7. Better skin tone -gives you a healthy glow

I think it’s really worth a try. I noticed some of my frown lines (between my eyebrows) have soften a little. I have also been diagnose with androgenetic alopecia and have noticed and increase in hair growth. I don’t think it’s solely because of acupuncture, but I definitely think it’s definitely a combination of things – I’ve also started taking Ferrograd C, 5% minoxidil – the male version Rogaine (as prescribed by my dermatologist), eating more proteins for breakfast, working out and generally just being healthier as a whole. So it could have been all of those combined but I’m sure acupuncture did help rid some of those “blockage” (toxins).

I highly recommend you trying it at least once. Just don’t look in the mirror or take a selfie yourself or you just might freak out.



Photo by: Helen Turner Health

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