Move Over Botox, Here Comes “Frotox”: Would You Try it?

I received a newsletter from FaceGym and it got me curious about “Frotox”. It’s basically the less invasive sister of Botox. FaceGym had gotten me excited and I was itching to try this latest fad skin rejuvenation treatment. As I’ve gotten to learn, Cool Lifting (Gun) is essentially a cryotherapy method that is developed to freeze your face. Ok, that probably sounds a little scary but it truly isn’t. As their website explains;

 “CooLifting projects a powerful CO2 flow, at a very low temperature and a very high pressure, combined with a high concentration of atomised actives on the facial tissues. Coolifting, in a single 5 minutes session will provide your skin the appearance it had 10 years ago”. So you can imagine my excitement!

I’m normally not the best with needles or blood, or basically anything that gory but I’d definitely put my BIG girl knickers on and brave myself in the name of beauty. I went in for my appointment at FaceGym (Selfridges) one morning to have the treatment done. The treatment is inclusive of a face workout. I’ve always been an avid fan of facial massages and I can attest that FaceGym does an amazing job at it.

FaceGym Crolift

The therapist starts by cleansing my face with a face balm, slowing massaging the balm into the skin to get rid of any dirt and grime or any makeup/ sunscreen. I normally go in for facials with zero makeup and I think everyone should too, not only does this make the therapist’s/ facialist’s life easier but spending more time on cleansing your face would mean cutting out time from your actual treatment itself.

She then placed a hot towel on my face, let it sit for a few of seconds and wipe off the dirt on my face. She chose a face oil that is suited to my skin type and started with the massage routine. To aid lymphatic drainage and to loosen any muscle tension she then used a facial massage ball on my face. Prior to commencing with the CoolLifting Gun she advised that the machine is a bit loud (it sure was, it sounded like a mini generator), and when she places the gun above my upper lip that I should hold my breathe because I would feel like I was drowning.

She then continued with opening up the box that contains the cryotherapy cartridge (which looks like a massive bullet) and placed it into the gun. She started the treatment on my forehead. The treatment felt like powerful cool air shots on my skin. I wouldn’t say it was uncomfortable but it certainly felt unusual. She then continued working on the rest of my face. When she started working on my upper lip, I actually forgot to hold my breathe for a millisecond. It sure made me feel like I was drowning. She then worked on the remaining of the cartridge on my neck. I could actually feel the intensity lessens as the cartridge was about to run out and then finally it did.

She then finished off the treatment with a jade roller. This helps to soothe the skin and aids lymphatic drainage. It’s extremely therapeutic and relaxing that by the time my 30-minute session was up, I didn’t want it to end.

Although it is considerably quite costly (£80 for a 30 minute session), I think it’s quite worth the price if you’re prepping for a big day or is just looking for that extra glow for that special occasion. 

The following are some of the benefits of CoolLifting:

  1. Minimise the appearance of superficial & deep wrinkles (6-8 treatments)
  2. Minimise the appearance of pores
  3. Tones the skin
  4. Gives skin a radiant glow  (leave it on your face for a minimum of 8 hours for that ultimate glow)
  5. Hydrates skin
  6. Plumps up skin
  7. C02 (from the cartridge) has a anti-microbial which is great if you’re prone to breakouts (but be sure not to use it if your skin is inflamed or if you are having breakouts).

Personally, I could see an instant difference in my skin. However, I had some redness on my face as I do have severely sensitive skin. The redness was almost entirely gone by the time I got home. I may do it again only if I have something major coming up. As for just the FaceGym’s Signature Face Massage, that you can sign me up anytime at £45 for a 30 minute session.



Photo: FaceGym Instagram

Face Gym at Selfridges (+44 20 3167 6030)

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm & Sundays 12pm-6pm (as according to their website)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Clair says:

    Hi how long does this last please? How long do u need to wait in between sessions? Had there been good results from this? X


    1. Hi Claire, post procedure there’s is an immediate luminosity to the skin. You will aslo notice a lifting/tightening effect within 12-24 hours of the facial. So your skin does get better.

      My “glow” lasted for about 5-6 days but this varies case by case. Some have reported that the treatment have lasted them up to 2 weeks. It’s safe to have the it done 1-2 sessions per week (for the first 6-8 treatments) – as a result it will deliver long lasting rejuvenating effects. It’s a bit like going to the gym. Because of intensive collagen and elastin stimulation, consequently it will reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving the texture and quality of the skin. Then for maintenance you’d only need one session per month.

      It’s one of those “red carpet” facials with no downtime. I would definitely do it again if budget permits.


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