Charlotte Tilbury’s Dry Sheet Mask Review

I know that it has been long overdue for this review! So here it goes… I’ve always been a big believer in face masks. You get all that gooey hydrating goodness to penetrate into your skin in just 20 minutes. If you’re anything like me I’d normally leave it on until I forget (normally up until an hour) because I want to make the most of my mask. Don’t we all?

I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re using  a “tissue” sheet mask. The reason being, after a certain amount of time, the tissue mask would start absorbing from your skin. In other words, this is counter-productive. That’s why most of the time we get those pesky lines (mask imprints) on our face. That’s a tell tale sign that you’ve prolly gone overboard with your mask. If you’re using those gel sheet masks, depending on your skin’s hydration level (and your room’s humidity level) you could probably put it on for 45 minutes. It’s important not to go above the advised duration as this may cause you to develop fine lines on your face, overtime.

Nannette de Gaspé.jpg

I’ve always wanted to try the Nanette de Gaspé Dry Sheet Face Mask but at $120 per sheet mask (yes, it only comes with a single sheet), I think I would pass. So when I heard about Charlotte Tilbury’s Dry Sheet Mask, I was intrigued. Both Nanette de Gaspé and Charlotte Tilbury’s mask have a very similar concept. The only main difference (I think) is the price point (and probably different sets of “botanical actives”)Charlotte Tilbury’s is retailing at £18 per sheet. Both sheet masks are reusable, up to 3 times. Which sounds like a bargain for Tilbury, plus not like I was willing to pay $40 per usage for the Nanette de Gaspé one. The lady at the Tilbury’s store swears by it. She says that it makes her makeup glide on her skin. So, I decided to purchase one of their dry sheet masks.

Charlotte Tilsbury Mask.jpg

I got home, showered, cleanse my face before I put on the mask. My face was clean (free from toner, serums and what not) I then put on the mask. The mask is very reminiscent of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. It was a completely foreign concept to me as I’ve been using K-beauty masks for years, where masks are normally gooey and sticky.

I had doubts that this mask would work, as it wasn’t packed with hyaluronic acid. I placed the pink side of the mask (coated with actives – featuring vitamins, floral extracts, peptides, oils and butters*) on my face and then looped the mask over my earlobes. It felt really snugged. I don’t have the highest forehead so it fits nicely on my face but for someone with a higher forehead – I would imagine this may be a “minus point”. As instructed, I started massaging the mask on my face. Apparently this helps to activate the mask and helps with nutrient absorbtion.

It felt rather nice (as for the first time), I was not soaking with serum dripping down my neck (or touching my hair). So I can imagine using this on the plane as it would be much more convenient. I then remove the mask after 15 minutes. I could see my face glowing. It looks as if a film has coated my skin, where I have applied facial oil and have added a glittering primer on it. It is soft to the touch but not oily. I folded my mask and placed it back into the packet. The lady advise that I could use it up to 3 times, so technically it costs £6 per use. So it’s not too bad.

Overall, it felt pretty good but I don’t think I would be running out to purchase another one anytime soon. I think it’s a good alternative for those who just can’t stand wet sheet masks. It’s still considerably pricey as I could get a Garnier wet sheet mask at Boots for £0.99 a piece. However, it is great if you’re prepping for a night out or have just gotten your hair done. It would definitely keep your hair just the way you want it without any unnecessary goo.


*Note: Ingredients list was taken from Charlotte Tilbury’s website

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