“Why Facial Cupping is Good for You” – Nurse Jamie: Plus+ How you can do it at Home

As a general rule of thumb, if Kim K is on to a new anti-aging treatment, chances are it’s the next big thing. She is always well ahead with beauty trends, from contouring, vampire facial to facial cupping. She posted a photo on Snapchat captioned: “Face cupping facial at Nurse Jamie”.

In case you didn’t know, Nurse Jamie is a famous LA-based skin expert with a long list of celebrity clientele. She’s also known to develop innovative anti-aging tools in which you can bring home, such as the Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Pillow (this is on my lust-haves), Beauty Stamp (which is like Derma Roller (microneedling) but a stamp version), Uplift (an instant lift face massager), Exfoliband (an exfoliant tool- unlike traditional sponges/ brunches this silicone exfoliant wouldn’t harbour bacteria), RX lips (lips exfoliant/ plumps up lips) etc. So clearly, she’s a hot commodity in the Hollywood scene.

When E!Online interviewed the skin guru on the benefits of facial cupping, she stated that: “Facial Cupping encourages blood flow to the tissue and stimulates the lymphatic system to help reduce inflammation, which in turn smooths fine lines and wrinkles.”

But at $75 a session and having to fly all the way to LA to get this done at her clinic, we have a more economical and realistic solution for you.

Facial Cupping Silicone.jpg

After a quick search on Amazon, I found there were quite a few options available online. I settled with a silicone version (there are other versions but I felt that silicone would be easiest to work with). I chose a set of 4 ( I think this is standard) for a price of £4.99 but only the smaller ones are made to be used on the face. The smaller suction cup (as pictured above) is used for the under-eye area as well as the nose. Whereas the slightly larger cone is used for the entire face. If done right, facial cupping may just be the answer to our at-home DIY fountain of youth.

The most important this to remember is make sure that your face is properly lubricated prior to commencing the treatment.

I can’t stress this enough, as I’ve seen video tutorials using the vacuum suctioncups on dry faces. This would actually overstretch the skin, giving you an unnecessary “sag” over the long run.

If you use this in the shower, I would recommend about 2-3 pumps of facial cleanser. Alternatively, you could use your preferred facial oil.

Face Cupping Diagram.jpgEvery aesthetician have a different method of cupping but mine is as pictured above (this is the closest image I could find). Always work from the middle of your face outwards, drawing blood flow toward the direction of our lymph nodes. Except for under the eyes, we actually have two lymph nodes tucked in the corner of our tear ducts. For the chin area, I would normally draw downwards and then outwards to the corner of my face. Reason being we have lymph nodes just underneath our chin and at the corner of our face. Don’t forget to stretch your skin with the opposite hand while doing this. For our necks, you could either draw downwards or upwards towards the chin. I prefer drawing upwards because it helps to lift our necks. Our necks are really important and it’s usually a giveaway of someone’s age. So never forget to include you neck even in your skincare routine (whether toning, serum, cream, or sunscreen).

Here are some of the benefits of facial cupping:

  1. Increase lymphatic drainage
  2. Aids desquamation (a fancy name for getting rid of dead skin cells)
  3. Bringing fresh nutrients to the surface of the skin
  4. Promotes collagen
  5. De-clogs pores (the suction motion does this)
  6. Tones face
  7. Reduce puffiness (gets rid of puffy eyes/ face)
  8. Minimises the appearance of superficial wrinkles
  9. Give you that glow

Best of all, it’s low tech, affordable and doesn’t require much skills to get it done. Plus, it’s amazingly therapeutic! You would feel so relaxed you’d feel like falling asleep in no time. So, I generally advise on doing this in the evening. Don’t forget to increase your fluid intake to replenish fluids lost (from lymphatic drainage).



Photo: CultBeauty, Patricia Pilot & Google

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