Foolproof: Skin care Routine 101 + K-Beauty Steps

Even if you have splurged on the best skin care products in the world, it wouldn’t be worth a dime if you do not know the how to apply them properly. One of the key takeouts is that every time you layer on a product, make sure you leave a little “breather” between each product application. Some products would sip into the skin as fast as a few seconds, whereas others may take about 20 seconds. If you are in a rush, you should simplify your routine rather than simply slathering piles of products aimlessly- resulting in looking like a hot mess.

The following is a step-by-step skin care routine:

1. Cleanser: Always double cleanse in the evening either with a makeup remover/micellar water and then a facial cleanser after.

2. Exfoliant: Here we are talking about acids (alpha or beta-hydroxy acids or hydroxyl acid (HA)). This is optional and if you have skin inflammation it is best to skip this step.

3. Toner: It helps to decrease the appearance of pores and get rid of any makeup/grime residue. This help to prep the skin for the following product application.

4. Essence: If you’re into K-Beauty, you would have stumbled upon an “essence”. It’s basically a product that has an in-between consistency. Think, something in between a toner and a serum. They are more lightweight vs. serum.

5. Ampoule: Another K-Beauty invention. They are in the same family as essences and serums. An ampoule is simply a supercharged serum with higher concentrations of active ingredients. Think of a skin booster. You’d use it when your skin is on “crisis mode” or if you have a big event coming up. You’d normally only need to use it about once a week or as long as it gets your skin out of a “funk”.

6. Serum: Water/silicone based “nutrients”.

7. Facial Oil: Ok, I’ve to admit, I love facial oils a little too much. I would find a way to slather as much facial oils especially right before bed to prevent from any trans-epidermal water loss throughout the night. I actually enjoy looking “oily” at night. Oil me up! Buttercup!

8. Eye Cream: I can’t stress this enough, but ladies eye cream is extremely important. I actually started using eye creams at the age of 12! Call me crazy but I have severe facial eczema since childhood (well it went away for a while and resumed in my 20s… Yes, I’m that lucky of a person) and actually have developed my first fine lines around 11 due to the side-effects of prescribed steroid creams. Your eyes are a giveaway of your age (not your windows to your soul- that’s just plain cheesy) but it’s true! So take care of your eyes!

9. Face Moisturiser/ Sleeping Pack: Moisturisers (despite it’s name) do not moisturise your skin. It basically acts as a barrier for your skin to prevent loss of hydration. You got that right! I still find the name very misleading, it should really be called “The Barrier”. It basically contains/seals in all the goodness (serums/oils what not) that you have applied on your skin prior, allow them to work in your skin without having them to evaporate.

10. Sunscreen (AM): I am a BIG sunscreen advocate. Some of my friends, especially the ones from Europe  look at me all crazy when they see me religiously applying sunscreen during the hot summer months. I feel like the majority of people in London want to get a tan whereas I would rather stay under a shade, slathering layers upon layers of sunscreen. I really can’t stress it enough, sunscreen is the NO.1 age prevention  product in your skin care cabinet! That good old, sunscreen!

A little Vitamin D is healthy but you could absorb that Vit D even with sunscreen. It is merely blocking out the harmful rays.  The sun accelerates the aging process. Full Stop! So even in winter or on a rainy/cloudy day I still diligently apply sunscreen on my face, neck, and hands (age spots normally appear there first) because if you look at your phone’s “Weather App”, even on a rainy/ snowy days, there is still a UV Index shown. Meaning you could still potentially be exposed to harmful rays. So if you don’t mind me, I will be sipping on coconut juice, under a shade throughout summer (or what’s left of it).

Hope this helps ‘simplify’ your routine!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Do you have any recommendations for good moisturizers. I have sensitive acne prone skin and I want something that’s basic but not too heavyor too light. I use glycemic acid and azelaic acid currently to help the breakouts, although I’m not sure they are working. But I have find a good moisturizer to use.


    1. Hi Ashely,

      Have you tried the The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) + HA? It shouldn’t be too thick and pretty much does a great job as a basic moisturiser. The moisturiser is also made up of multiple amino acids, fatty acids, triglycerides, urea, ceramides, phospholipids, glycerin, saccharides, sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid and many other compounds that are naturally present in the skin. As with every new product, please make sure you do a patch test prior to using it on your face. Hope this helps.



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