Foolproof: Skin care Routine 101

Even if you have splurged on the best skin care products in the world, it wouldn’t be worth a dime if you do not know the how to apply them properly. One of the key takeouts is that every time you layer on a product, make sure you leave a little “breather” between each product application. Some products would sip into the skin as fast as a few seconds, whereas some may take about 20 seconds. If you are in a rush, then you should simplify your routine rather than simply slathering piles of products aimlessly- resulting in looking like a hot mess.

The following is a step-by-step skin care routine:

1. Cleanser: Always double cleanse in the evening either with a makeup remover/micellar water and then a facial cleanser after.

2. Exfoliant: Here we are talking about acids (alpha or beta-hydroxy acids or hydroxyl acid (HA)). This is optional and if you have skin inflammation it is best to skip this step.

3. Toner: It helps to decrease the appearance of pores and get rid of any makeup/grime residue. This help to prep the skin for the following product application.

4. Serum: Water/silicone based “nutrients”.

5. Facial Oil: Ok, I’ve to admit, I love facial oils a little too much. I would find a way to slather as much facial oils especially right before bed to prevent from any trans-epidermal water loss throughout the night. I actually enjoy looking “oily” at night. Oil me up! Buttercup!

6. Eye Cream: I can’t stress this enough, but ladies eye cream is extremely important. I actually started using eye creams at the age of 12! Call me crazy but I have severe facial eczema since childhood (well it went away for a while and resumed in my 20s… Yes, I’m that lucky of a person) and actually have developed my first fine lines around 11 due to the side-effects of prescribed steroid creams. Your eyes are a giveaway of your age (not your windows to your soul- that’s just plain cheesy) but it’s true! So take care of your eyes!

7. Face Moisturiser: Moisturisers (despite it’s name) do not moisturise your skin. It basically acts as a barrier for your skin to prevent loss of hydration. You got that right! I still find the name very misleading, it should really be called “The Barrier”. It basically contains/seals in all the goodness (serums/oils what not) that you have applied on your skin prior, allow them to work in your skin without having them to evaporate.

8. Sunscreen (AM): I am a BIG sunscreen advocate. Some of my friends, especially the ones from Europe  look at me all crazy when they see me religiously applying sunscreen during the hot summer months. I feel like the majority of people in London want to get a tan whereas I would rather stay under a shade, slathering layers upon layers of sunscreen. I really can’t stress it enough, sunscreen is the NO.1 age prevention  product in your skin care cabinet! That good old, sunscreen!

A little Vitamin D is healthy but you could absorb that Vit D even with sunscreen. It is merely blocking out the harmful rays.  The sun accelerates the aging process. Full Stop! So even in winter or on a rainy/cloudy day I still diligently apply sunscreen on my face, neck, and hands (age spots normally appear there first) because if you look at your iPhone “Weather App”, even on a rainy day or even when it’s snowing, there is still a UV Index shown. Meaning you could still potentially be exposed to harmful rays. So if you don’t mind me, I will be sipping on coconut juice, under a shade throughout summer (or what’s left of it).

Hope this helps simplify your routine!


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