How to Get Rid of Dry/ Flaky Skin Overnight? 🌜🌨

The days are getting colder, the air is getting dryer. It’s evident that winter is coming. So how do you get rid of the inevitable dry, flaky skin?

The following is my “reverse dry/ flaky skin overnight” routine:

  1. Cleanse (use a cream/oil based cleanser)
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Tone (preferably something with glycerin- tends to hold moisture better)
  4. Serum
  5. Facial Oil 
  6. Moisturiser/ Sleeping Pack 
  7. Egyptian Magic “spot/ area” treatment– I normally apply this on my forehead, around the side of my cheeks, and occasionally under my eyes, where I tend to get the driest
  8. Use a humidifier – I usually add an essential oil. I particularly like Germanium for some reason. It is said to uplift mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness. Lavender is also another good option to aid a restful sleep.

I can guarantee that your parched skin will be thanking you in no time. I’ve combination skin, therefore I generally avoid applying any Egyptian Magic on my T-Zone. Also, do remember to allow a few seconds in between each step to properly layer on. Otherwise, it may just turn into a grease-fest.

I do a similar routine on long-haul flights ✈️ as well. Except of course I’d skip the humidifier bit. By the way, Kate Hudson and Emily Blunt swear by this beauty tip as well.

You could also use Egyptian as a mask as well. Just cleanse as usual. Then apply a layer of Egyptian Magic on your skin, leave for 30 minutes and remove with a hot cloth. Then continue with the rest of your skin care routine.🍯

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