Blithe Patting Water Pack/ Splash Mask Review + Tips

I’ve been reintroducing K-Beauty into my routine. I started adding a new step into my routine called Splash Mask. As according to Sarah Lee from Glow Recipe, “Splashing the face with milk or botanical-infused waters after cleansing comes from a centuries-old Korean bathhouse tradition to clarify and brighten skin.” Of course with new technologies, comes products such as Blithe’s Patting Water Pack, which is essentially a mask in 15 seconds. The product is rich with lactic acid which not only helps with cell turnover but also gives your skin a healthy glow as a result.

Blitsh Patting Watter Pack

How To Use It?

It’s advised that you pour a cap of the solution into 700ml of water (placed into a bowl/ sink), mix it and continuously splash it onto your face. Another method is to be done during shower, by placing the solution into the palms of your hands and then splatter it on your face while continuously splatter the water to your face. I realised that these two methods created a lot of wastage.

How I Use it?

I have a better, more economical option which is to add half a cap of solution into a 100ml spray bottle. Mix it with water (I have a water filter at home which has an acidic/ alkaline water option- I chose an acidic option- compatible for face cleansing. If you don’t have a filter like mine, you could easily buy a bottle of water with a pH acidicity closest to 5.5pH). Then, spray it onto your face and neck after cleansing for about 15-20 spritz. Then continuously pat & press in the solution into your skin. Not only would that 100ml last you for well over a week but this way, you could use the solution everyday. Think of it as a gentle exfoliation, since we aren’t using much of it every time.

Allow the solution to dry rather than wiping it off your face. This is simply so that the solution will continuously work on your skin while you start with your skincare routine.

A Blithe bottle would last you about 30 uses (30 caps), but with this method it would last me up to 840 uses (1/2 cap: 60 uses X 7 days X 2x per day= 840 uses)- if my math serves me correctly. Score!

My Thoughts About This Product

I find this product incredibility useful, not only for exfoliating the skin, but also helps make my pores appear smaller by hydrating the skin, I feel like there is less white heads/ blackheads on my T-Zone. It’s most useful especially after dermaroller during the phase where your skin would start shedding dead skin cells during the cell turnover period.

The Purple Berry is also perfect for winter to rid of any sign of roughness or dullness. In the summer, I think the green tea option would be more suitable as it controls oil sebum production, while the citrus version has a brightening effect. The purple berry one in which I’m using is actually made for mature skin. I’m 33 so it’s definitely not too early to start now!


🍇 Packaging: 4.5/5 – It’s cute, comes in bright colours. I just don’t like how I need to unplug the internal plastic cap. The pourability of the cap is not exactly user-friendly. I noticed once I’ve used the cap to pour the solution, part of the residue would drip onto the bottle as I tighten the bottle cap.

🍇 Smell: 3.5/5 – I’m using the Purple Berry version and it does have an over-empowering berry fragrance. I think the smell was intended to heighten its sensorial experience. I don’t mind it, it’s just that for some reason it smells artificial. 

🍇 Efficacy: 5/5 This product does an excellent job at exfoliation. I noticed my skin was much smoother after a week of usage (please refer my mode d’emploi above). 

 🍇 Price: 3/5 – It’s a bit steep at £43 a pop (Cult Beauty). It retails for £28 in Korea- so there’s a fair bit of mark up. 

🍇 Repurchase: Hell yes! I can’t imagine not having this product as being part of my routine anymore now that I’ve started using it. 

🍇 Overall Rating: 4/ 5⭐️



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