Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Nanoskin Sheet Mask Review

So I finally had my much needed facial and IPL skin rejuvenation done yesterday! 😀 Naturally, my skin felt a little dry post-treatment. So I decided to get sheet-faced and put Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin mask to the test. There are quite a few options and you can buy them individually at Selfridges or by the pack on Amazon UK. A quick tip: Right before removing the mask, I would use massage my face in a firm press and hold motion towards my lymph nodes. I squeeze whatever is left on the sheet mask, collect the residue and massage it into my skin.

dr jart mask


💊Packaging: 5/5 – It’s bright and cute. The box comes with 5 sheet masks. You can buy them per sheet (£5.50). Unlike normal sheet mask packaging (foil/ plastic), it uses a paper-like material.

💊Smell/Texture: 3/5 – Doesn’t smell like anything but I was taken aback with the creaminess. It’s very thick in consistency and has an off-white shade. There was a lot of products left in the packaging (which is always a plus point- more than enough to slather across your face and décolletage). It feels more like a cream/lotion vs. a sheet mask. It is claimed that the mask uses some form of nano-technology, but to me it looks like a regular sheet mask. It’s not bad just not what I’m used to.

💊Efficacy: 4/5 – I’ve got sensitive skin and normally when I use hyaluronic acid sheet mask, my skin tends to sting upon application. This doesn’t. I left this mask for about 30 minutes (it’s advised to leave on for 10-20mins) but because of its thick consistency it took much longer for my skin to absorb the product. After I removed the mask, I still didn’t think much of the product. My pores still looked quite visible. I patted in the leftover serum and continued with my skincare routine. I didn’t think my skin was anything out of the ordinary until other people started commenting on my complexion.

💊Price: 4/5 – It’s slightly pricier than my normal Garnier sheet masks and costs about £24 for 5 sheets(Amazon.co.uk) but it’s great for sensitive skin so it’s a thumbs up)👍🏻! But it only costs 20,000₩ in Korean (approx. £13).

💊Repurchase: Yes! This product is great for dry/ parched skin and is perfect for dryer conditions (I.e: winter). A true testament of a good sheet mask is when it hydrates your skin even after having Laser/IPL treatments done. I’d only use this during the colder months. I may try their Vital Hydra Solution/ Soothing Hydra Solution during warmer months.

💊Overall Rating: 4/ 5 ⭐️



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