Glossier Lidstar Dupes

So, the much anticipated Glossier Lidstar has been released. I must say it is a little steep at £15 a pop if you asked me. You could of course opt for a duo, which costs £25 for two (£12.50 each).

I mean I get it- what is not to love? It comes in a cute novelty “tube” packaging, it’s millennial pink, and quite frankly looks like quite the game changer vs. conventional powder eyeshadows, plus… it’s glossier!

Glossier Lidstar £15 (0.15 oz / 4.5 ml)

Glossier Lidstar.jpg

I was curious as to how much of a game changer it was, then I started to look into “liquid eyeshadows” just to compare- I mean after all, it is in fact a liquid eyeshadow. I guess the main selling point is that it was worn by quite a number of stars on the red carpet at the Oscars, which basically makes it star/makeup artists-approved.

If you are unable to gain access to Glossier products or would rather spend less on eyeshadows but still want to try out liquid eyeshadows then here are some dupes for you:

H&M Liquid eyeshadow “Fluid Hues Eyes Colour” £6.99 (7ml)

Fluid Hues Eyes Colour

NYX Lid Lingerie £6 (4ml) 


Elf Cosmetics Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow £5

ELF Elf Cosmetics Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow.jpg

At least this will satiate your Glossier cravings just for a little longer until it becomes available in your country.

If you’re still keen on getting Glossier products- here’s a link for 10% off your first order 



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