Glossier Lidtsar vs. Fenty Beauty Match Stix 🥊 Review

Glossier Lidstar X Fenty

I’ve to admit, I am in love with all things rose gold and glossy. I guess I’m quite the sucker for dat glow! When Fenty Beauty first came out with their Match Stix, I knew I had to have it on launch day. So there I went on the day of the launch at Sephora to get myself the Match Stix in Starstruck. When I first started using it as a highlighter, I didn’t like it. When I glide it on my cheekbone and nose, my foundation would come off.

So I started using the Match Stix as an eye shadow base instead and it works beautifully on my eyelids. This is basically go go-to everyday eyeshadow base as it blends amazingly on to my yellow-is tone Asian (Oriental) complexion.

Glossier X Fenty 3

When Glossier then came up with their Lidstar I was absolutely intrigued. It looks a bit like lipgloss but for the eyelids. Plus, I thought to myself, if it had a liquidy- consistency, surely it would be more bendable than a stick format. Ahead, I went to purchase the Lidstar online. When it came in a pink pouch, I was beyond excited.

I went ahead to do some swatches. I have relatively fair hands with a yellow-tone, my face is somewhat tanner.

Glossier Lidstar X Fenty 3

Image (indoor light): Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix in Starstruck (Top) + Glossier’s Lidstar in Moon. It is probably not that obvious here due to the lighting but the Glossier’s Moon is more “white” than earthy-pink tone.

Glossier X Fenty Swatches

Image (natural light): Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix in Starstruck (Top) + Glossier’s Lidstar in Moon. As you can see Lidstar in moon does look more whitish under natural light. 

Not sure if you are able to see it from the image but “moon” has a blueish tint to it which frankly makes my eyelids look borderline extraterrestrial! 


Packaging: 3/5 – It’s basically a test tube with a lip gloss applicator. Not ground breaking but definitely a makeup-tainment especially for their target audience.

✨Colour Payoff/Texture/ Ingredients: 2.5/5 – I feel that there is a primer included in this formula as it is quite drying. You would need to blend it fast or it would dry and not budge. The good thing is that your eyelids would continue to glitter throughout the day. However, it is probably a little too drying for my dehydrated sensitive skin. The colour payoff is relatively weak. I feel like I needed to continously apply dollops around my eyelids to get the “effect”.

✨Price: 1/5 – I’m going to say it at £15 for 4.5ml, it is a pricey toner. Okay, it is definitely not comparable to Fenty Beauty as the Match Stix cost £21 a pop but there are quite a a few great drugstore dupes out there for half the price.

✨Check out my other write up: Glossier Lidstar Dupes.

✨Repurchase: Sorry Glossier but imma pass on Lidstar. It’s really not my fave product. There’s just something unsettling about the blue pigments within that particular formula.

✨Overall Rating: 2/ 5 ⭐️



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