This is what happened when I stopped washing my face in the morning…

To put it gently, I am a little bit of a clean freak. I am the type of person who would excessively scrub everything from counter tops to wooden floors. Of course this also transfers to my approach when it comes to skincare. The peculiar thing is that I grew up thinking the harder I rub products onto my face, the better the absorption becomes. Needless to say, over a period of time, I feel that all the tugging motion has actually done more damage than improve my skin.

I have eczema + blemish-prone skin and yet for years I have always assumed the more squeaky clean my skin, the better it is. Therefore, I would have the habit of lathering thee thickest amount of cleanser on to my face twice a day. What this does was actually started drying out my skin. Being combination skin (like most people), I tend to have dry cheeks and that is the first place we tend to lather the facial cleanser on.

I heard from a friend of mine who also suffers from the unfortunate predicament of having sensitive skin, she has stopped washing her face with a cleanser in the morning. She said that over a period of 6 weeks, she could see a drastic improvement with her skin. It is less dry, more dewy and feels less tight. I was swoon. I knew it was something I had to try out.

I would get up, head to the shower and wash my face with warm water. I would then splash cold water over my face. Not only is this refreshing but it makes my skin glow. Apparently some celebrities such as Kate Hudson does this too. It’s no wonder she has such amazing skin.

After about a month of doing this, I can confidently say that it has made my skin not only look better but also feel better. You see, despite popular belief, we do not actually need to cleanse our face in the morning as we have been in bed the whole night. Our skin is not even dirty to begin with, therefore there is no need for a morning cleanser. After washing my face with water, I would just continue with my routine toner to rid any “dirt”. My skin has not felt better with this. I feel that for the past couple of decades I have simply dried out my skin with the excessive cleansing.


Washing my face without a cleanser in the morning is a definite “stay” in my skincare routine. However, I still make the exception of washing my face with a cleanser in the morning when I have a few blemish that is surfacing on my skin.



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