Cerave Moisturising Lotion Review on Dry/Sensitive Skin

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 16.15.22.png

For the past couple of weeks I have been looking for a moisturiser for my partner who (to my horror) have been using Vaseline body cream as a facial moisturiser over the past few years! As an aesthetician by profession you can imagine how mortified I was when I found that out! So then my search begun for a fuss-free, non-sticky, effective facial moisturiser which is also affordable for my partner.

I then stumbled upon Cerave’s Moisturising Lotion. It doesn’t state “facial” on it but since it is non-comodegenic I would imagine it would be safe to be apply on the face. He quite liked the texture as it is also perfect for hotter summer days. It is lightweight and hydrating, perfect for those who feel icky having to apply thick creams on their face.

Here’s a quick review of Cerave’s Hydrating Cleanser: 

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 16.16.14.png

💦Packaging: 5/5 – Same ad their cleansers, it utilises a “lock/ unlock” pump. It’s a great feature for travel! You wouldn’t have to worry about having this product dance around your luggage and making a mess. 

💦Smell/Texture/ Ingredients: 5/5The best feature about this product is that it not only helps hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid but also helps retain the moisture within the skin with ceramides. It has a jelly-like consistency. It is lightweight and hydrating. Plus this cleanser contains 2 main active ingredients that can help restore your protective barrier but re-hydrate your skin. ver, it is a great moisturiser if you just want a quick one or two step skincare routine. 

💦Efficacy: 3.5/5 – If you have severely dehydrated this, this product may not be sufficient for you. I found that out as I stayed over my partner’s place and forgot to bring my facial moisturiser. I ended up using his instead. I have dehydrated skin and after a few hours of under foundation and powder, I started to feel my skin tightening. However this product is great for those who would like to opt for a one/two step skincare routine. 

💦Price: 5/5I got it when there was a promo at £6.99 for 236ml. I think now Boots UK is selling it for £9. Still have about double the amount of product vs. average cleansers I think it is a massive bargain! 

💦Mode d’emploi: Use this either in your AM/ PM routine. As a moisturiser prior to using your sunscreen.  

💦Repurchase: I will definitely re-purchase this product for my partner. This definitely beats his cringe-worthy Vaseline body cream!

💦Overall Rating: 4/ 5 ⭐ An excellent hydrating lotion for combination skin types that aren’t severely dehydrated.


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