Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream Review on Sensitive Skin

Dr.-Jart-Ceramidin-CreamI have just finished up my Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream that costs about £35.50 for 50ml. It is pretty affordable and for the most part did a good job at hydration. However, I noticed that halfway through the day, especially when I’m wearing makeup, I would start feeling tightness in my skin. Like it is not being properly hydrated especially during winter months.

I guess it doesn’t help the fact that the weather in London is relatively dryer in general. I’m surprised that my normally combination skin has become dry and dehydrated since moving here. This goes to show that the environment is a massive contributing factor to the condition of your skin. On the plus point, my pores do appear less visible since my skin has become less oily.

Since moving here, I have been using a lot more serums and carefully layering them to prevent loss of hydration. Whether or not it works is still a little up in the air. I should in fact purchase one of those hydration test gadgets that are all the rave in South Korean right now to truly compare between layering vs. not layering skincare products.

eee5af52a1a155713cebcee87ed578ae_1520295928_0738Here’s my  review on Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Cream:

💦Packaging: 3/5 (old packaging- foil) – The tube is a fun packaging but what really turn me off was the packaging paint started flaking off towards the end every time I squeeze the cream out. It’s no wonder they have changed their packaging since to plastic. 

💦Smell/Texture/ Ingredients: 4/5The cream in itself doesn’t smell like anything. It has a thick, creamy consistency almost paste-like. The main ingredients is ceramides which is the key ingredient that helps prevent loss of hydration. Think of it as an additional barrier for the skin. 

💦Efficacy: 3.5/5I am a bit on the fence with this one. On the one hand it does hydrate my skin however during the cold, winter months I feel quite a bit of tightness throughout the day. Especially when I have applied foundation and powder. It could be the talc in the powder as well that dries out the skin. The only issue I have with a product with ceramides is that it only prevents loss of moisture and not replenish the skin with hydration. 

💦Price: 3.5/5I paid over £33 for 50ml. I think it is a little pricey considering it is way cheaper in Korea. Having said that the tube lasted me a good 3-4 months which is pretty good for a face moisturiser. 

💦Mode d’emploi: Use this either in your AM/ PM routine. As a moisturiser prior to using your sunscreen. 

💦Repurchase: I don’t think I will be repurchasing this product. I am still on a hunt for a facial moisturiser that not only helps prevent loss of hydration but also replenishes the skin.

💦Overall Rating: 3/ 5 ⭐ A decent moisturiser for normal to combination skin types that aren’t severely dehydrated.



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