Are Sheet Masks Good for the skin?

sheet mask 3

There have been a new wave of sheet masks from hydrogel to dry sheet masks that have become a staple in our skincare regime. Hollywood celebrities swear by putting on a sheet mask daily to help preserve their beautiful skin.But how far is is true?

We asked a panel of experts (dermatologists) about this. So the question is “Are Face Masks Good for the Skin?”

sheet mask celebs.png

Expert A: “They are actually not. Anything that you apply for a short period of time and then take off won’t alter your skin all that much. Even when it does it is only temporarily.”

Expert B: “Many times a face mask just hydrates your skin temporarily.”

Expert C: “If you have acne prone skin face masks can cause a lot of problems.”

So the verdict is in. Face masks are great for hydration… but only temporarily. I think a serum would work better at really getting into the deeper layers of the skin, especially when it is being applied for long periods of time.



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