What happened when I got Kardashian nails for a week: How Acrylic Nails Ruined My Nails


All over social media we see celebrities with beautifully manicured acrylic nails. The KarJenner clan for one are known for their nails. Call it what you want, I was curious about those long nails vibe. I’ve always had short nails, just out of practicality. My nails are so thick and strong that I once broke my friend’s nail clipper. So you can imagine how thick my nails are. One of the Brazilian workout buddy of mine had hers done, they were nothing short of beautiful. So in I went to a nail parlour near by my place to get them done.

I chose dark blood red and was very pleased with the colour. A definite winter shade. They weren’t that long, just about half an inch longer than my normal nails. When I left the nail salon I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. I felt oh-so glamorous and was quite pleased with myself. I spent a bargain of £28 for my fabulous nails.

Hours passed and I realised just how difficult it was for me to do the everyday chore – typing a text, removing my bank card from my wallet, undressing myself to working out. My nails felt tight, as if they were about to rip off from my finger. I thought to myself, “this should past”. I did gradually feel better the next day, however doing chores were still a pain. I tried bouncing a weight ball and I felt a lot of pressure in my nail bed.

4 days had passed and I finally give up, I could no longer box as my nails were now an obstacle. In I went to the nail salon to have them removed. The lady first prepared my nails by mechanically filing down the shellac colour. She then dipped my fingers in what I could gather, “warm acetone”. It felt like a warm burning sensation. When I removed my hand from the bowl I could see a layer of white powdery coating on my fingers. She then continued to mechanically remove my acrylic nails with a sanding device. She repeated this about 4 times. I felt something was off as I felt my nails were raw. I took one look at them and I was about to tear. There I saw my nail beds red, like my nails were bleeding underneath my skin. She has definitely over “buffed” my nails. When the filled my nails I could see it move with her file, which is a very odd thing to me considering how strong my nails were.

She then kept telling me that I would need to use a nail polish, as this will make my nails thicker. However, the last thing I would want to do now is to use acetone again to remove the colour a week later. My nails were so brittle, the chipped every time I picked something up. I was really upset that even when my partner held my hand, my fingers felt raw, as if my nerve endings were exposed.

Over the last 2 days have been difficult. I don’t know whether it is because my local nail place is negligent or that everyone goes through this when they have their acrylic nails removed. All I know is that I will definitely not be having any acrylics done in the future.

Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 16.10.50.png

Guess those nails are not as glamorous as we think.



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