Goodbye K-Beauty: Why I Quit My 12-Step Skincare Routine ๐Ÿ‘‹

Yes, I admit. I’ve finally quit my 12-Step Skincare Routine! Simply because I no longer have the time and patience for it. I’ve been doing the regime for years and if truth be told, there have been very little evidence that it has made any improvement to my skin. It felt like I was walking against a fast running escalator. And honestly, how much was my skin able to absorb that many layers of serums and concoction?

With stress of starting my new business, my facial eczema has recently flared up again. It was less severe than it was a couple years ago, but it just brought back so much grief and piled on more stress. Then I realised what was missing was not by adding another fad K-Beauty product into my skincare routine, but to manage my stress and be mindful of what I put into my body.

For the past few months I haven’t been eating as well as I’d like to. With the frequent Deliveroo meals to Sainsbury’s Meal Deals, my nutrition has been a slippery slope. I then decided to reignite my love for yoga, taking time off to make myself simple meals, and making sure I control my sugar intake as sugar causes inflammation in the body. When I started yoga, the weirdest thing happened, I felt like my body was no longer that 20-something year old’s body that I once had. Now my knee and joints hurt when they are positioned “wrongly” during certain yoga postures. Something that never happened when I was younger. To make things worst, with the amounts of stress with buying my first home and starting up my business, I have lost quite a bit of hair.

I realise that minoxidil is no longer working for me. I realised that what helps would need to come from the inside. So, I used up what ever K-Beauty product that I had left and focus on my nutrition. I started incorporating better nutrition into my diet, and even incorporating protein into my breakfast routine. My dermatologist and trichologist mentioned that if you have alopecia, it’s vert important to have protein in every meal and especially breakfast. And so that’s what I did.

Mind you I am possibly one of the laziest person to make breakfast. I’m the type that would rather sleep in and not have breakfast, and wake up just in time to get ready for work. I got myself some Bone Broth Protein Powder and just add a scoop of that into my morning. The best part is that, it provides me with 9.5g of protein per serving and about 8.4g of collagen in just 1 scoop. Best of all, unlike all those artificially flavoured and sugar-high protein shake, bone broth protein contains 0g sugar! I feel that this is potentially the smartest way to nutrition for a lazy girl like me. I’ll definitely talk more about this in my later blog.

So in about 12 weeks, I noticed that not only has my hair stopped falling out as much but my skin is glowing and my wrinkles has diminished! Even my right eye bag has gone! Which is such a crazy thing! I think it’s partially because I have been having such a poor diet. Now the only thing is that I’m hoping my left eye bag would disappear too because frankly now it looks a bit weird. I can’t believe that my skin has improved so much without piling on layers upon layers of skincare. To top things off, now even have additional time for other things like having that extra 30 minutes to spend time with my partner, ever since minimising my 12-step routine to a 4 step one! All I use now is a cleanser, toner, facial oil/ serum and a moisturiser with SPF!

My Simplified 4-Step Skincare Routine: Ceramides Cleanser (CeraVe), Rose Toner (Garnier), Rosehip Oil (Pai) & BBF Cream (Moisturiser with SPF30 (Trinny London)

In short, cutting down my K-Beauty skincare routine was the best decision I’ve made ever!



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