Why Your Skin Needs Squalane?

Squalene has been all the buzz right especially with brands such as Biossance, The Ordinary and Peter Thomas Roth now all have their version of squalane serum. When the serum first became popular everyone was trying to get their hands of Biossance which unfortunately is only available in the US. Then when The Ordinary launched … Continue reading Why Your Skin Needs Squalane?

Beauty Cheat Sheet: Acne-Prone Skin

If you have struggled with acne at any point of your life, you will already know that there are a number of approaches to treating it. The approach that works for you depends entirely on your specific skin and genetic predisposition. It is really important to remember there is no such thing as "on-thing-fits-all" when … Continue reading Beauty Cheat Sheet: Acne-Prone Skin

Beauty Cheat Sheet: Dry + Sensitive Skin

A major component for feeling beautiful is being comfortable in your own skin. Treating dry and reactive skin can be dreary... where achieving normalcy can make a world of difference. Dry or irritated skin can be caused by a laundry list of factors- extreme weather conditions, contact allergens, diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, thyroid problems, vitamin … Continue reading Beauty Cheat Sheet: Dry + Sensitive Skin

What ingredients to exclude from your vanities?

At times, you will see beauty brands that are being marketed as "edible" or "food-grade" ingredients. The idea is that these ingredients, whether preservatives or glycerin would be safe for you even if it were on your plate. This is because we end to ingest a lot of the ingredients in our personal care products. … Continue reading What ingredients to exclude from your vanities?